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  • Our sulfurs

    In the Claus units of its refineries, Repsol produces sulfur for industrial and agricultural use. This is obtained after a refining and purification process that guarantees high purity and quality. It is stored as cakes (thin sheets 4 or 5 cm thick) or prill (small beads of sulfur). Micronized sulfur is also available in a variety of grain sizes.

Agricultural sulfur

The agricultural sulfur produced by Repsol can be used in agriculture as a phytosanitary product. The high quality of our Prill Sulfur and the absence of contaminants mean it can be used a raw material in many manufacturing processes, such as for fertilizers and soil conditioners.

Industrial sulfur

This sulfur has various uses, whether as a raw material, an intermediate product, or an additive used to catalyze certain reaction. It can be used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and synthetic fibers (caprolactams), or as a vulcanizer in the rubber industry.

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