Agricultural sulfur

The agricultural sulfur produced by REPSOL and marketed by RLESA is suitable for use as a plant protection product in agriculture. It is included as an Active Substance in Annex I of the 2009/70/EEC Directive. In this regard, Repsol has the power to provide a Letter of Access and Supply Letter to its customers for the formulation of their phytosanitary products. The high purity of PRILL SULFUR and the absence of contaminants allow it to be used as a raw material in many manufacturing processes such as for fertilizers and amends for the ground. It can also be used in alkaline soils to correct pH and improve the absorption of nutrients, as well as a component in all types of fertilizers, including ecological fertilizers.



  • Phytosanitary
  • Fertilizers
  • pH corrector


  • Bulk cargo
  • 25 ton truck
  • 1,000 kg Big-bag