Lubricant bases

GROUP I BASES: GI lubricant bases sold by RLESA and manufactured at our Puertollano and Cartagena refineries (SN denomination) are unlabelled products that are primarily used as the main raw material in the formulation of lubricant oils for industry in general. They are characterised by their paraffinic nature and low aromatic compound content (PCA<3%). These bases are obtained from the direct distillation of highly paraffinic crude oil or from the propane extraction of the vacuum waste obtained with this type of oil. The main field of application of these bases is the formulation of lubricant oils for the automotive industry, heavy industry, marine applications, greases and other special applications. The wide range of viscosities of the SN series covers all the lubrication needs often found in these applications. These bases can also be used for the production of white oils and fluxes in the manufacturing of asphalts.

GROUP II-III BASES: RLESA offers a wide range of GII and GIII paraffin bases for applications requiring high-purity oils and high performance. These products are obtained through an isodewaxing process that provides very low sulfur and aromatic compound levels. These oils are especially recommended in very different applications according to their characteristics, from textile and cutting oils for the lightest ones to lubricant formulations for turbines, engines, heat pumps and exchangers, and hydraulic fluids for the heaviest ones.

  • In bulk, in 24 t tanker.