Detail of a tire

Repsol Perform - Crumb rubber modified bitumens (CRMB)

Repsol has developed its own technology to incorporate and reuse rubber from end-of-life tires (PNFVU) for the purpose of technically improving the behavior of bitumens and collaborating environmentally in the reuse of end-of-life tires.

Properties and applications

Bearing in mind the regulations in application in Spain on the use and specifications with which binders and bituminous mixtures using rubber from end-of-life tires must comply, as well as criteria to be considered for their manufacture, Repsol employs a wet industrial manufacturing process that helps to ensure traceability in the production, quality, and digestion of the product.

The stability and uniformity of the final product has been achieved via a special process and the use of previously selected bitumens, resulting in the following range of products: Rubber-Improved Bitumen, Rubber-Modified Bitumen, High-Performance Rubber Modified Bitumen, and High-Viscosity Rubber Modified Bitumen.