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Repsol Advance - Protection coat emulsions

Repsol has a technologically conceived emulsion for preventive conservation treatments on pavements that are aged, microcracked, or show signs of particle loss.

Properties and applications

The Repsol ADVANCE C50B2 and Repsol ADVANCE C50BP2 PROTECT emulsions are formulated for use in preventive protection coats for pavement maintenance operations. Conservation treatments are used to prevent pavement from deteriorating as a result of ageing, loss of superficial aggregates, and cracking, as well as for sealing and waterproofing.

They work by sealing the surface courses of asphalt pavements, thereby impeding the entry of water and reducing bitumen oxidation. This provides greater surface course tenacity, slowing down the deterioration process and extending the pavement’s service life. Repsol ADVANCE C50B2 and Repsol ADVANCE C50BP2 PROTECT are low-concentration, quick-breaking emulsions with residual binders designed to seal surface courses without the need to use protective aggregates and/or sand in the coat. These residual binders can be rheologically modified with polymers to improve their tenacity and/or resistance. Moreover, depending on the needs of the surface course to be protected, the use of rejuvenators may be considered in these emulsions to enhance this quality.