Lubricants, Asphalts, and Specialized Products - Asphalts Technical Conference in Ciudad Real

Low-traffic volume roads up for debate

Asphalt News 31/07/2019
Representantes técnicos de las Administraciones Públicas junto a Francisco Lucas, gerente sr. de Asistencia Técnica de Asfaltos

The aspahlts technical conference was held at the University of Castilla-La Mancha’s School of Roads, Canals, and Ports in Ciudad Real. It was attended by road experts who partook in the session representing the three levels of the Spanish Public Administration in the province: Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Castilla-La Mancha Council, and Provincial Council of Ciudad Real. The session was also attended by contractors from the area as well as university students.

During the event, an introduction was given on Repsol asphalts with an emphasis on the safe handling of bitumen. It was then followed by a detailed presentation on a whole range of sustainable solutions for the maintenance of low-traffic volume roads. The conference came to a close with a roundtable involving representatives from the various Public Administrations who explained the needs and difficulties they are facing as they are responsible for managing these roads.

“The conference was of particular importance as it fostered a space in which the Public Administration, Contractors, and Repsol – as supplier of asphalt products – were able to debate and share experiences regarding different perspectives on how to maintain our roads,” underscored the event speakers Francisco Lucas, Luis de Oyarzabal, and Francisco Guisado.