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Repsol News
  • Moving towards a circular economy is one of Repsol's priorities, fueling the company's strategic projects aimed at water reuse, 100% recyclable asphalts, and an employee carsharing service.
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Marc Márquez
La innovación trabaja en red
La innovación trabaja en red
Technical assistance
Energía alternativa
Moto eléctrica
  • 3D digital rocks to look for oil

    Rocks can also have virtual doubles. Using very high resolution imaging, digital petrophysics reconstructs the properties of reservoir rock, cutting down decision time and reducing geological uncertainty in hydrocarbon exploration and production.
  • Electric mobility

    The future for electric vehicles in the short term seems to be in small scooters for cities.
  • An integration with synergies

    The synergies created with the integration of Talisman have grown from an estimated 220 million dollars annually when the acquisition was announced to 400 million dollars annually.
  • Networking innovation

    Partnerships between large companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and universities to create R+D+i ecosystems have become decisive in dealing with increasingly short innovation cycles.


"News" is a meeting and communication hub between Repsol and media professionals that originally came about with the aim to reach out to journalists interested in getting to know our company better. This interesting resource provides information regarding all of our activity around the world.