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Net negative emissions technologies illustration
  • Technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere

    Negative emission technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere can make a key contribution to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.
Illustration of a robotic production line
Energía para un transporte marítimo sostenible
Illustration of a Repsol service stations for the Alliances for added services news
Artificial biology illustration
 News 27 Impresión 3D
Ilustration of an LNG vessel at sea
Digitalization to transform the energy sector
La innovación trabaja en red
  • An investment fund for innovation

    Accelerating the incorporation of technologies and innovative business models is the aim of the new strategy that Repsol Corporate Venturing (RCV) has implemented.
  • Green bonds for funding sustainable projects

    Repsol is the first oil and gas company in the world to issue a certified "green bond": a financial debt instrument through which the funds obtained are assigned to projects with a clear environmental benefit.
  • Circular economy

    Moving towards a circular economy is one of Repsol's priorities, fueling the company's strategic projects aimed at water reuse, 100% recyclable asphalts, and an employee carsharing service.
  • 3D printing

    Through the Basque government’s Bind 4.0 program for start-ups, Repsol has took part in a pilot project to produce spare parts for its Petronor refinery in the province of Biscay using metal 3D printing.


"News" is a meeting and communication hub between Repsol and media professionals that originally came about with the aim to reach out to journalists interested in getting to know our company better. This interesting resource provides information regarding all of our activity around the world.