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Eco-fuels illustration
  • Eco-fuels to decarbonize mobility

    Repsol reinforces its industrial commitment to low or zero-emission eco-fuels as a viable and mature option to move towards sustainable mobility.
Illustration of a field and renewable energy sources
Hydrogen illustration
La innovación trabaja en red
Illustration of a robotic production line
Energía para un transporte marítimo sostenible
Illustration of a Repsol service stations for the Alliances for added services news
Artificial biology illustration
 News 27 Impresión 3D
  • LNG makes headway as a marine fuel

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an alternative fuel that is increasingly valued by shipowners for use in maritime transportation.
  • Digitalization to transform the energy sector

    Not even two years have passed since its launch, but the Repsol Digitalization Program has already started up more than 130 initiatives. Digitalization is one of the main growth springboards included in the strategic update that the Company presented in June 2018.
  • Blockchain technology for the energy sector

    The start-up Finboot and the Repsol Technology Lab Research Center (Tech Lab) have conducted successful tests using blockchain technology to improve the product certification process.
  • Urban mobility to travel further

    WiBLE, the new carsharing operator owned 50:50 by Repsol and Kia, offers a new, more versatile service to compete on Madrid's shared transportation scene.


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