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Urban mobility
  • Repsol is one of the first companies in the oil & gas sector to “support this new mobility model, in a period of rapid transition to new services, new transportation habits, and new players in transportation,” explains Siridia Berenguer, a member of the strategy and innovation team from Repsol's Marketing business.
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Circular economy
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Technical assistance
  • AutoGas: eco-friendly mobility available for everyone today

    More than 25 million vehicles worldwide, 15 million just in Europe, use AutoGas or automotive LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) as a fuel.
  • Light gasoline for hybrid and efficient transportation

    The combination of three energies – chemistry, through a light gasoline; electricity, which drives the vehicle; and thermal, recovered from the exhaust gases – can be an efficient alternative for urban transportation.
  • Vetting: An assessment by oil companies to ensure safe sailing

    Safety "is an absolute priority for Repsol," and therefore the company has set up "certain procedures for identifying the risks involved in different maritime transport operations, along with preventive safety criteria."
  • Biotechnology: Synthesizing new forms of energy

    Using information provided by microorganisms to anticipate the presence of hydrocarbons or to improve the production of a reservoir are some of the applications of biotechnology in the oil industry. The Repsol Technology Center makes use of the latest advancements in information technology and robotics to design custom molecules, which can also give rise to new polymers or bio-inspired materials.


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