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hopes to reach
55,000 users
by year end, after
its first six months
of operation


WiBLE, the new carsharing operator owned 50:50 by Repsol and Kia, offers a new, more versatile service to compete on Madrid's shared transportation scene. This service allows users to travel to and park in the city center, and its vehicles have been certified as Zero Emissions by the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic. It even reaches people who live in the outskirts and allows for longer trips.

Repsol is one of the first companies in the oil & gas sector to “support this new mobility model, in a period of rapid transition to new services, new transportation habits, and new players in transportation,” explains Siridia Berenguer, a member of the strategy and innovation team from Repsol's Marketing business.

"Our goal is to reach 55,000 users by year end, after the first six months of operation, and then continue growing by promoting our unique services," says Javier Martínez, CEO of WiBLE. Among its advantages are the three operational bases that bring the service to the outskirts, the more than 600-kilometer range of the plug-in hybrid Kia Niro, and “the 15 private parking lots in the center of Madrid where, in 2018, will have reserved spots,” some of which already available.

Following its launch in July, the initial data shows that one of WiBLE's distinguishing proposals,“ the idea of going further thanks to the vehicles' range and the flexible rate, is a real plus for our customers.” During weekends, WiBLE rentals for long-distance trips (that last over one hour) account for 50% of the total time of use of cars, “and it's common to see our cars in the Sierra of Madrid or in shopping or recreational centers in the outskirts,” continues Javier Martínez.


Service for the outskirts of the city

Designed to take carsharing to all of Madrid's urban areas, WiBLE has three bases strategically located in the north (Las Tablas), south (Villaverde), and northeast (Pozuelo) of the city, where users that live in towns and cities surrounding the capital “can switch their car for a WiBLE to travel into Madrid, whether because of antipollution restrictions or the high cost of parking.”

WiBLE is also the first operator to offer a network of reserved parking spaces in the city center. Users can track available spots using the app when they activate a rental. “We are aware of the difficulty of parking within the M-30, especially when using a service billed by the minute.” This is why the cost of using these reserved parking spots is only €1, “which is compensated by the time you save not searching for a spot.”

Repsol also provides reserved parking places in five of its service stations locatedin high traffic areas like Alberto Aguilera, Alfonso XIII, Arturo Soria, Paseo de la Habana, or Mateo Inurria, where you may also begin or end trips at no additional cost.

Repsol also has
parking spots
reserved in five of its
service stations


An optimal city for carsharing

Kia and Repsol selected Madrid to test this type of carsharing service due to “its geographic and demographic characteristics”, its concentric shape, and high population density, as well as “the local government's efforts to promote this kind of mobility,” allowing Zero Emissions vehicles to drive freely and park at no cost in regulated areas, “and the popularity of carsharing among Madrid's residents,” says Siridia Berenguer.

In a scenario of growing limitations for private vehicles in many European cities, this mobility model is becoming an increasingly common option. In November, Spain's capital will enforce its new Low Emissions Zone Madrid Central. According to Martínez, “our services will stand out given the new access and driving regulations to be applied by the local government.”

WiBLE is geared toward “what we call the multimode user,” Martínez continues, because in a large city like Madrid, its residents have multiple transportation options to fit “their needs and can travel in their car, on public transportation, motorcycles, bicycles, or using our carsharing service for longer trips to the outskirts of Madrid.” The initial numbers “— that we still have to look at cautiously — confirm that our users tend to use the service for long trips in terms of both time and distance,” with an average of one and a half hours of travel daily for each active customer.


Travel beyond the city center

To make longer trips
possible, from the
second hour
onward, the rate is
only 5 cents/minute


The selected car with five seats, a large trunk, and cutting edge safety features, is another example of this operator's versatility. The hybrid technology of the 500 Kia Niros owned by the company, with a 58-km electric range and 600-km total range, guaranteeing that a large number of vehicles are available for a wide variety of uses such as renting a car to spend the day outside of Madrid, “an aspect that users clearly value in WiBLE.”

WiBLE's rental prices are similar to its competitors for the first hour. However, to strengthen its position as an alternative for longer trips, its flexible rate means that each additional hour costs €3 (€0.05/min.). This is valid up to 100 km and gas and electricity are included. There is also a flat daily rate of €50 if the hourly rate surpasses that amount. These rates are attractive compared to other transportation options in Madrid.

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A leader in new mobility options

In the midst of the current transformation of the mobility culture promoted by connectivity, collaborative consumption, and new forms of energy (electricity, advanced fuels...), the pay-per-use services offered by companies like WiBLE “are a great alternative for those who cannot or do not wish to purchase a pricey, new car”, but are interested in using one from time to time.

Repsol has been present in different aspects of advanced mobility for several years, participating in electric mobility companies like IBIL, driving assistance services, the parking company WeSmartPark, or its own mobile payment app Waylet. Its journey into carsharing is a response to “our aim to continue being a sector leader, regardless of the kind of energy and service required to meet customers' travel needs,” concluded Siridia Berenguer.


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