Repsol and Uber sign an agreement to advance in electric mobility

Press Release 14/01/2022 13:00
  • Repsol becomes the preferred energy supplier in Spain for Uber drivers of 100% electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • The multi-energy company provides Uber drivers with a comprehensive recharging solution, guaranteeing that the origin of the electricity is 100% renewable.
  • Repsol's recharging network currently has more than 2,000 recharging points in operation. More than 350 are public access points, including over 100 fast-charging points, most of which are located at service stations. 

14 January 2022 - 13:00 CET | PDF | 138.41 KB

Repsol and Uber have signed a strategic agreement to accelerate the transition of Uber drivers to electric mobility in Spain. In this way, Repsol becomes the preferred energy supplier for Spanish Uber drivers of VTC vehicles and cabs that are 100% electric and plug-in hybrids.

Uber has committed that by 2025, 50% of the average kilometers will be covered by electric vehicles in seven European capitals, including Madrid, and that by 2030, 100% of its trips will be electric in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In addition, by 2040, Uber will be a zero-emission mobility platform in 10,000 cities and six continents, with 100% of trips made by zero-emission vehicles. 

Under this agreement, beginning in Madrid to be extended to other cities in the country, Uber drivers with an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle will be able to use the electric recharging points located both at Repsol service stations and throughout the public recharging network that the multi-energy company has in Spain. Uber's VTC and cab drivers will have a discount of up to 21% on Repsol's electricity supply subscription contracts for recharging at Repsol's public recharging network.

Repsol's recharging network currently has more than 2,000 operational recharging points. Of those, more than 350 are public, including over 100 fast-charging points, most of which are located at service stations, thereby, positioning the multi-energy company as the leader in fast charging at service stations in the country. These more than 350 public access points will soon be joined by the more than 300 fast-charging points already installed at the company's service stations. All Repsol's electric recharging points guarantee that the supplied power is 100% renewable.

In addition, Repsol is working on an ambitious plan to further deploy public recharging points at its service stations, reaching by the end of 2022 a total of more than 1,000 fast and ultra-fast recharging points which will mean one charging point every 50 kilometers along the main road corridors. The network includes the first recharging station for electric vehicles that incorporates energy from second-life batteries in Spain, located in the town of Tolosa in the Basque Country region. And the first two ultra-fast charging facilities on the Iberian Peninsula, installed in 2019 at service stations in the Basque towns of Lopidana and Ugaldebieta.

This ambitious objective means that, along the main road corridors of the country, there will be Repsol charging stations with at least one fast-charging point with connectors compatible with any electric vehicle that will be operational 24- hours per day. Also, there will be on-site service during most opening hours, 24-hour assistance and telephone service, and additional services available to users.

Through this agreement, Uber drivers will also have access to a comprehensive home recharging solution at a competitive price and two free recharges per month at public recharging points, as well as 50% of the recharge price in Waylet, Repsol's payment app, for all those who sign up for Repsol's home electricity tariff. In addition, this comprehensive solution includes advice, installation, maintenance, and operation of the electric recharging point at home, always with 100% renewable energy.

María Victoria Zingoni, Repsol's Executive Managing Director of Client and Low-Carbon Generation, highlighted that this alliance with Uber "reinforces our commitment to electric mobility and consolidates our position as a multi-energy company, a leader in mobility, and committed to the goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2050, having been the first company in the sector to adopt this ambitious goal."

Juan Galiardo, Managing Director of Uber in Spain, said: "As the largest mobility platform in Spain, we have a key role to play in the fight against climate change and the promotion of a more sustainable economic recovery. Today we are taking a big step in our commitment to become a zero-emissions platform by launching the first 100% electric product in Spain. In addition, we are partnering with an energy company such as Repsol to support drivers who work with our platform and facilitate their transition to electric vehicles.”