For his contribution to the Repsol refinery expansion project in Cartagena

Pedro Fernández Frial: Industrial Engineer of the Year

Press Release 29/06/2012 00:00
  • A committee of industry experts selected Repsol Chairman and CEO Antonio Brufau from nearly 200 nominees. These awards are considered one of the most prestigious in the energy industry.
  • The panel of judges valued Antonio Brufau’s strategic vision and leadership in successfully directing Repsol’s trajectory, especially after the expropriation of YPF.
  • Platts is the world’s leading agency specialised in providing information on energy, petrochemicals and metals, and is over a hundred years old.
  • Platts highlighted the transformation seen in Repsol in recent years, during which it has become a world leader in exploration and has made five of the most important hydrocarbon discoveries in the world. In addition, the company has recently developed the largest industrial project in Spain, which has placed its downstream area at the forefront of European refining systems. Along with this transformation, Repsol has also created exemplary human resources and environmental management policies.
  • Repsol is well known for its commitment to innovation and technology, which was already recognised by Platts in 2009, when the company won the \"Commercial Technology of the Year award\" and in 2004, when it was awarded the \"Best Engineering Project of the Year\".

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Repsol Strategy and Control Executive Director Pedro Fernández Frial was recognised as Industrial Engineer of the Year by the Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Madrid for his merit and career, as well as his contribution to the Cartagena refinery expansion project.

The Cartagena refinery expansion, at €3.15 billion, is the largest industrial investment in the history of Spain and one of the key projects in Repsol's strategy. It will enable Spain to improve the trade balance by considerably reducing automotive fuel imports. The new refinery has led to the creation of 800 internal jobs and another 800 with contractor companies, in addition to indirect employment for over 8,000 people. The new refinery units double their production capacity, reaching 11 million tonnes a year (220,000 barrels a day), with medium distillates, especially petrol, accounting for 50%.

The Cartagena refinery is now one of the most modern and highest conversion capacity facilities in the world, and it is a reference in environmental sustainability, safety and energy savings. 

Pedro Fernández Frial graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid, and has a PDD Diploma from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE). He began his career in the Refining area of the Repsol group in 1980. In 2005, he was appointed Downstream Executive Director, where he led the Repsol refinery expansion project in Cartagena, Murcia. Today, he is Repsol's Executive Director for Strategy and Control.