The sale price has been set at 41 dollars per share

Repsol increases its YPF share offering to 7.67% following high demand

Press Release 23/03/2011 18:37
  • Repsol has sold 26,215,000 YPF shares for $41 each and has granted an option to the underwriters for a further 3.93 million shares.
  • Due to the high demand for stock, the company has increased the amount sold by more than two million shares. 
  • The success of the share sale highlights investor confidence in YPF’s potential and its management team.
  • Since November, Repsol has placed 15% of YPF's capital amongst institutional and private investors.
  • This transaction is part of the strategic goal laid out in the Horizon 2014 plan to partially divest its stake in YPF to rebalance its asset portfolio.

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