What is wind energy all about?

Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy is generated by grouping a series of wind turbines that float in the sea. Their major advantage is that by floating in the sea they can ensure more stable wind speeds while avoiding any possible obstacles. Ultimately, they generate eco-friendly, renewable wind energy.

How does wind energy work?

  1. Wind turbines harness wind power. The wind doesn't encounter any obstacles and reaches constant, high speeds, while producing large amounts of renewable energy.
  2. The force of the wind spins the blades of the turbine and converts wind energy into kinetic energy, which is transferred through underwater cables to the coast.
  3. Once there, the electricity goes through a substation where it is transformed and then transported by electric lines to homes, businesses, hospitals, and more.
Windfloat platform

Discover Windfloat Atlantic

It's the the first semi-submersible floating wind farm in the world and belongs to the WindPlus consortium, comprising EDP, Renováveis, Engie, Repsol, and Principle Power. It features innovative technology that makes it possible to harness offshore wind energy. Find out about this pioneering project.

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Everything you should know about offshore wind energy

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