Procompite Project

View of a plate of fruit and back and dressed with the colors of the Colombian flag

Committed to Columbia’s economic development

The Procompite Project, recorded in the Best Practices in Sustainable Development for Latin America and the Caribbean by the Global Compact in Colombia and the United Nations Global Compact, aims to improve the lives of rural families, promote sustainable economic growth of rural areas, and strengthen production and entrepreneurial abilities.

We believe in the creation of shared value and work to identify, determine, and consider the social and environmental climate in which we are carrying out our operations to bring about a positive impact on communities and contribute to their overall development. That is why Procompite has not only promoted the growth of participant associations, but also contributed to increasing the income of supported families by 30%.

Foreground of fruits and vegetables at a market stand. Success stories

A sustainable project

The project’s sustainability is considered from its beginning. First each production unit must guarantee that better prices and better marketing channels are guaranteed with the technical and economic support and opening up markets.

In addition, international markets, participation with local and departmental governments, and presentation of programs such as the Ministry of Agriculture’s “Production Partnerships” are beginning with the leadership of Socodevi as an operator of the agreement.