Growing and developing alongside local communities

Believing in creating shared value

We work to identify, know well, and take into consideration the social and environmental context where we carry out our operations to have a positive impact on communities and promote socio-economic development.

We aim to integrate into our value chain the different stakeholders and individuals from the surrounding communities where we operate under certain collaboration and dialogue criteria to promote shared value with our company.


Creating opportunities through social investment

Social investment is one of the tools that enables us to have a positive impact on the communities where we operate and also maximize it.

Through social investment, we can fulfill two of our most important commitments in our relationship with communities:

  • Maximize our positive impact
  • Meet the expectations identified by the community

Our approach is clear and promotes long-term benefits, while taking into consideration the opportunities for sustainable socio-economic development and creating shared value with communities, so:

  • We support development programs aimed at meeting local expectations and needs, which are also relevant to our business units.
  • We use the information we obtain about our relationship with local communities and impact studies that shape our work with local partners with the aim of having long-lasting, positive impacts.
Fundación Repsol Volunteer Group

Repsol Foundation: Our Company's social energy

We channel our social investment projects through our Company's businesses and corporate areas, our employee's volunteer work, and the Repsol Foundation's endeavors.

The Repsol Foundation develops projects on its own and also in collaboration with renowned organizations in areas where we can make a greater contribution, have a positive impact, and meet the specific needs of the communities.

Our foundation's main initiatives and projects revolve around social energy and are aimed at:

  1. Contributing to society's well-being.
  2. Improving people's quality of life.
  3. Achieving greater social, educational, environmental, and cultural development, and acting especially in areas where we operate.

The Repsol Foundation carries out its work in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Africa. Its projects focus on six pillars:

  • Supporting talent
  • Popularization of energy-related knowledge
  • Diversity and integration
  • Supporting culture
  • Social development
  • Volunteering


Creating shared value worldwide

These are some examples of the projects we are carrying out all over the world, where we are committed to creating shared value in different sectors based on the needs and characteristics of each region and country.

Bolivian woman at a fountain

Building a drinking water system

In collaboration with the Entre Ríos Municipality Government, we developed a project aimed at improving the quality of the drinking water service for more than 7,000 people in Isarzama in the Cochabamba district. This leads to reducing the risk of contracting stomach and intestinal diseases due to drinking and using water.

Communities and shared value. View of a field watered by sprinklers

Boosting employment in the agricultural sector

A project that came about with the aim to train unemployed individuals over 45 to develop their professional career in the agricultural sector. The company made plots of land stretching over more than 35,000 m2 available to the beneficiaries to enable them to produce, transform, and market agricultural products.

Communities and shared value. View of a child’s drawing of a day at the sea

Supporting the adaptation of local communities

A project aimed at providing basic health, education, and energy and water access services in the local communities of Ubari, Zawiya, and Rujban for around 300,000 people within the area of influence.

Communities and shared value. Landscape of a boat and fishing rods at sunset

Developing skills of fishermen

This program focuses on the socio-economic development of fishermen in Marang, Terengganu through the production and/or sale of fish, seafood, and their by-products.

A cabin in the forest

Organic agriculture

A project in the area of influence of the Stanley gas project. More than 120 people have benefited from the modern horticulture training program that will enable them to harvest vegetables that will be marketed and also lead to improving nutrition in the area. The project also helped create model farms with instruments, seeds, seedlings, and planting material.

Communities and shared value. Cocoa plant in foreground

Providing support in the establishment and maintenance of cocoa fields

A multi-annual project (2014-2018) aimed at empowering the indigenous people from the Native Community of Nuevo Mundo through the sustainable development of the region, focusing on cocoa farming given the conditions of the area.