Committed to local communities

Promoting economic and social development

We strive to establish strong relationships with the communities we have dealings with in the areas where we operate. These relationships are based on mutual recognition and respect, trust, participatory dialogue, and ultimately, creating shared value.

In line with our commitment to the Sustainable Development Objectives, we contribute to social development by maximizing the positive impacts our operations have. We also work on action plans that prevent and mitigate negative impacts.

Beginning from the early phases of our operations, we identify and assess the possible impacts of our operations and projects on the communities, regions, and countries where they are developed. Internally, we have policies aimed at ensuring our commitment to communities.

Moreover, we are committed to recognizing and respecting the strictest international standards in this area:


The community: A value for our company
We promote the well-being of the local community, aspire to contribute added value, and jointly foster socio-economic initiatives.
Graphic on active projects

A solid and sustainable collaboration with communities

In order to fulfill our commitment to the communities, we establish proactive, continuous, and participatory dialogue with communities and indigenous peoples through different communication channels and specific liaisons to enable two-way communication.

Therefore, these are some of the positive impacts we have on the areas where we operate.