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Success stories

Procompite project

Committed to economic development in Colombia

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The Precompite project, which has received an award for Good Sustainable Development Practices in Latin America and the Caribbean from Pacto Global Colombia and the UN Global Compact, aims to improve the lives of rural families, promote sustainable economic growth in rural regions, and improve the production and entrepreneurship capabilities of those who live there.

We believe in the creation of shared value, and we work to identify, discover, and take into account the social and environmental circumstances of the areas where we carry out our activities in order to have a positive impact on the communities and contribute to their integral development. To do so, Procompite not only promoted the growth of participating association, but also helped increase the income of the families involved in the project by 30%.

  • 30% increase in the income of the families involved in the project

The project covers several action areas, all carried out by the following associations

More than 900 direct partners took part in this initiative, which took place in all rural communities of Akacias and Guamal in Colombia, located in the areas that are directly influenced by block CPO 09.
Asoccuba, production and sale of cocoa. Located in Cubarral
Agroguamal, sale of fruit. Located in Guamal
Asofrut, sale of fruit and coffee. Located in El Dorado
Asosandía, production and sale of watermelons. Located in San Martín
Acuillanos, production and sale of fish. Located in Acacías
Asogasan, production and sale of tree seedlings. Located in San Martín
Asprocubarral, Cubarral coffee producers association. Located in Cubarral

Asogranjas, located in Cubarral

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A sustainable project

The sustainability of the project is taken into account right from the very beginning: each productive unit must guarantee that the technical and economic support and the opening of markets lead to better prices and communication channels.

Under the leadership of Socodevi — the operator of the agreements — international markets are opening, local and regional governments are getting involved, and programs such as Alianzas Productivas (or Productive Partnerships) are being presented to the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture.

  • With this project, we positively contribute to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda through the following SDGs: