Repsol's sustainability success stories

Our commitment to respect human rights

We proceed with due diligence in all our activities and our business relationships.

Vista aérea de una zona de exploración

NO-GO decision in La Guajira

After the human rights impact assessment, the exploratory project was not carried out as it would've had an exceedingly high impact on sacred areas of the Wayuu ethnic group.

Exploración en la selva

Block 57 and the Sustainable Coexistence project

Through a process of transparent and participatory dialogue, our Company and the Community of Nuevo Mundo reached an agreement based on the Sustainable Coexistence Project.

Tienda en la Alta Guajira

Human rights in the Alta Guajira

Realizamos una evaluación de impacto en derechos humanos entre finales de 2014 y principios de 2015, como parte del proceso de debida diligencia en derechos humanos.

Viviendas indígenas

Socio-environmental monitoring

We believe in respect and constant dialogue with the communities in which we operate in order to create a climate of trust.

Asentamientos sostenibles en Colombia

Sustainable settlements

We implement sustainable development strategies for the residents of neighbourhoods in Colombia, to improve their living conditions with inclusive models for income generation, employability, job training and more.

Our ambition is "zero accidents," and we focus on facilities, processes, and people to achieve this goal. Prevention, incident analysis, communication, and improvement actions help us to control and manage risks.


Continuity plan: Hurricane Harvey

Repsol activated the Business Continuity Plan in Houston to guarantee the safety of its employees and assets in the United States.

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Lessons learned process

We work every day to ensure safety in all of our operations. In order to achieve this, it's fundamental that safety knowledge is shared and reaches all the different company areas, businesses, and facilities.

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Ship-to-ship operations

We are the first foreign company to carry out a ship-to-ship (STS) transfer in Brazilian waters. The operation lasted for five days, during which we transferred one million barrels of oil without any health, safety, and environement (HSE) related incidents.

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