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People Management Policy

We maintain relationships based on mutual trust and respect, something we consider foundational to our company and fundamental to achieve high performance and superior results. As a Company that seeks sustainability, we try to harmonize in a flexible way the short, medium and long term capabilities the company needs with personal development opportunities.

Our commitments

A unique Employee Value Proposition that includes:

  • Being a socially responsible, sustainable company, which reinforces positive relationships with its external stakeholders, contributing to the improvement of the social and physical environment, directly and through the involvement of our employees.
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with employee representatives, in a climate of trust and respect.
  • Offering a leadership model that develops, promotes and rewards our leaders based on demonstrated attributes, competencies and behaviours deemed critical to the transformation of the organization. This model provides leaders with the ability to anticipate change and inspire and mobilize our teams to achieve outstanding performance. As a result, our leaders become role models who bring out the best in our people through collaboration.
  • Safeguarding equal opportunities as a distinctive element of an integrated, diverse and inclusive Company.
  • Promoting a work environment that fosters active listening, innovation and the transfer of experience and knowledge among employees.
  • Ensuring employee health, wellness, and safety through programs focused on the prevention of occupational risks and the active promotion of healthy lifestyle habits and work/life balance.
  • Offering meaningful work through a dedication to efficiency and thoughtful organizational and job design.
  • Having an attractive professional progression model in place, which offers development opportunities through career advancement, mobility and learning, considering employee interests.
  • Offering a complete, up-to-date suite of training and development actions to enable our employees in their various functional and hierarchical responsibilities throughout their professional progression path.
  • Providing total rewards strategies that are based on meritocracy, equitable within the organization and externally competitive, and recognize individual performance, as well as cooperation and teamwork.
  • These commitments are subject to monitoring, internal systematic measurement and comparison with other companies, in order to identify improvement actions.

Likewise, we expect from our employees behaviours and a management style in accordance with our culture and values: responsible actions, dedication to learning and continuous improvement and commitment to objectives through teamwork.

All Repsol employees are responsible for complying with and ensuring compliance with this policy.


This policy was approved by the Repsol’s Corporate Executive Committee on March 21st, 2017.