Climate change

We are the first energy company to take on the challenge of net zero emissions by 2050

We are convinced that only by addressing the major challenges we face can we turn them into opportunities.

More than 25 years in the fight against climate change

Our commitment to sustainability has been consistent over the years, as the first company in the energy sector to support the Kyoto Protocol and to communicate the ambition to reduce its carbon intensity by 100% by 2050.

Landscape of snow-capped mountains with blue sky.

More ambitious climate change goals

Intermediate decarbonization targets for 2025, 2030, and 2040 in order to reach neto zero emissions by 2050.

An increase to 7,500 MW of low-carbon electric capacity by 2025

We are expanding into other markets to become a relevant international player in renewable energies.

Target 2025: reduce methane emissions intensity by 25% compared to 2017, and flaring by 50% compared to 2018.

Assessing our participation in industry associations and initiatives

As part of our firm commitment to the fight against climate change and the decarbonisation of the economy, at Repsol we have carried out an internal analysis to ensure that all the associations and initiatives in which we participate are aligned with the fulfilment of the objectives derived from the Paris Agreement, as well as with the five lines of action of our climate change strategy.

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Fulfilling our commitments

In May 2017, we were the first energy company to issue a Green Bond. In May 2020, we reached a commitment to invest €500M to finance emission mitigation projects to reduce up to 1.2 MtCO2 in our operations.

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Towards a low-emissions energy model

We share society's concern about the effects of human activity on the climate, which is why we are firmly committed to an energy transition by promoting renewable energy projects.

Detalle placas solares

Photovoltaic power plants

Sigma (Cádiz), Kappa (Ciudad Real), and Valdesolar (Badajoz) are our three projects which are located in highly favorable areas for producing this type of energy, with enough combined output to supply more than 860,000 homes.

Overall, the three projects amount to an investment of €600 million and will have a combined output of nearly 800 MW in 2021.

Aerogeneradores eólicos junto a una carretera

Wind projects

We have three wind energy projects in Spain: The Delta Project with a capacity of 335 MW located between the Zaragoza and Teruel ; Delta 2, consisting of 26 wind farms located between the Huesca, Zaragoza, and Teruel provinces; and PI with a total installed capacity of 175 MW between Palencia and Valladolid.

Central hidroeléctrica de Repsol

Hydropower plants

We have 12 hydropower plants in northern Spain with an installed capacity of 700 MW. We also have two combined gas cycle plants in Algeciras, Cádiz and Escatrón, Zaragoza with a combined output of 1,650 MW.

Proyecto Windfloat. Aerogenerador en el mar.

Parque eólico flotante

El proyecto Windfloat Atlantic es el primer parque flotante eólico de la península que cuenta con una capacidad prevista de hasta 25 MW. Hemos desarrollado este proyecto junto con EDP y desde enero de 2020 ya está operativa la primera plataforma.