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Repsol in Chile

In July 2020, Repsol signed an agreement with Grupo Ibereólica Renovables to gain access to a renewables portfolio in Chile with projects in operation, under construction, or still under development of more than 1,6 GW until 2025, with the possibility to exceed 2.6 GW by 2030 thanks to this partnership.

The joint venture in Chile will have a diversified asset portfolio (52% wind and 48% solar) distributed into 78 MW of renewable generation capacity already in operation, 110 MW under construction, 1.5 GW in advanced stages of development that will be operational in 2025, and another 1 GW planned for 2030, located mainly in the northern regions of Antofagasta and Atacama.

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    189 MW of power in the first wind farm

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    2.600 MW by 2030

Repsol in Chile. Map of production in Chile

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View of a Repsol wind generator

Featured project

Repsol and Grupo Ibereólica Renovables are making progress in the construction of their first joint wind farm in Chile, called Cabo Leones III, with 189 MW of power. This asset is also located in the Atacama region and is divided into two phases. The first (79 MW) entered into commercial operation last December. The second (110 MW) will begin to supply electricity commercially in the second quarter of 2021.
  • Information updated as of December 31, 2020.