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Compounds for cables

Filling compounds

Filling compounds
Cable-filling compounds (filling and flooding) provide a watertight environment and protection against corrosion and potential dielectric problems, acting as a barrier against water that insulates the metal conductor wires of conventional copper telephone cables (JFTC) and the optical fibres of optic fibre cables (OFC) in the event of a fault in the cable covering or joints. 
There are different ranges of filling products for telecommunication cables according to the nature of their composition:
  • CECA® range: mineral based
  • CECAFLEX® and CECAGEL® ranges: mixed or semi-synthetic based
  • CECAGEL-T®: synthetic based
The CECA® and CECAFLEX® ranges are used in conventional copper cables (JFTC). The CECAGEL® rage for flooding and the special CECAGEL-T® range for filling are used in optic fibre cables (OFC).
210 litre palletised steel drums. 120 drums per lorry or 80 drums per 20 ft container for sea transport.
CECAGEL-T® is also available in rigid IBCs.
These products can be found in the cable industry.

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