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Compounds for cables

Compounds for filler

Filling compounds
Cable-filling compounds (filling and flooding) provide a watertight environment and protection against corrosion and potential dielectric problems, acting as a barrier against water that insulates the metal conductor wires of conventional telephone cables and the optical fibres of fibre-optic cables in the event of a fault in the cable covering or joints. 
There are different ranges of filling products for telecommunication cables, according to the nature of their composition:
  • CECA® range: mineral-based
  • CECAGEL® and CECAGEL-T® ranges: synthetic-based
  • CECAFLEX® range: semi-synthetic base
  • CECAGEL-T®: special range of products for filling optical fibre cables
Palletised steel drums weighing 175 kg net
120 drums per lorry or 80 drums per 20 ft container for sea transport
Filling compounds for traditional telephone cables, CECA® range:  
The CECA® range from Repsol belongs to the group known as “Petrolatums” or “PJ, Petroleum Jelly”. These are mineral-based compounds for filling conventional communications cables (JFTC, “Jelly Filled Telephone Cables”).  
Compounds of the CECA® range are compatible with high and medium density polyethylenes used in the manufacturing of insulating pipes and coverings. They have excellent physical properties that make them suitable for use in cables with any number of pairs. They are characterised by their high melting point, their water-resistant nature and their excellent dielectric properties, which slow down the deterioration of the cable during its service life. They are easily processed and are eliminated using simple physical methods.  
There is a wide variety of compounds within this range, available in a catalogue where the manufacturer can choose between products with a high or medium drop point, depending on whether the area has a hot or temperate climate, products with different degrees of viscosity, suited to the different application processes, and high- or low-penetration products, which cover cold-pumping (ambient temperature) and hot-pumping (up to 120ºC) processes.
Filling compounds for traditional telephone cables, CECAGEL® range:  
The CECAGEL® range of specialized products belongs to the group known as ETPR (Extended Thermal Plastic Rubber). They are synthetic-based compounds formulated with low molecular weight polymers with a tight chromatographic distribution obtained through petrochemical synthesis.
Their synthetic nature gives them excellent dielectric properties, optimal compatibility with all types of polyethylenes and minimum thermal contraction.
The CECAGEL® range includes fillers of the flooding type, with high adherence to the cable cover and high drop points.
Filling compounds for conventional telephone cables, CECAFLEX range:  
The CECAFLEX range is composed of a semi-synthetic base, manufactured based on waxes derived from petroleum, mineral oils and hydrogenated thermoplastic polymers.  
This range of compounds has been designed for cable manufacturers that require white, non-sticky products that are easy to clean and have a dense appearance, which are the most suitable products for reducing the time taken to install the cables during construction by using clean products. They comply with the REA standard and are designed especially for the American market.
They are characterised by their excellent flexibility at low temperatures and reduced thermal contraction.
Filling compounds for optical fibre cables, CECAGEL-T® range:  
The compounds in the CECAGEL-T® range are transparent, non-Newtonian (thixotropic) filling gels for optical fibre cables (OFCs).
The CECAGEL-T® range represents cutting-edge technology in filling products. They are made entirely from synthetic bases with a high degree of purity that provide a highly water-resistant gel structure. This offers characteristics of transparency and thermal stability suitable for optical fibre cables.
Due to their special characteristics, they can be applied in cool conditions (25ºC) by simple pumping, such that when the filling settles inside the cable, it gels to form an effective protective barrier. These compounds also deliver excellent behaviour at low temperatures, their penetration remaining practically unchanged and maintaining sufficient fluidity for it to be possible to measure their viscosity, such that they facilitate the correct positioning of the small optical fibres, avoiding dangerous micro-folds.
Compounds in the CECAGEL-T® range are compatible with primary and secondary covers usually used for covering optical fibre cables, such as PVC, nylon and polyethylene, among others.
These products can be found in the cable industry.

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