High-tech chemical products for agriculture

A wide range of products for more productive crops

Repsol has a wide range of masterbatches (for greenhouse covers, multi and single-function), EVA/EBA copolymers and metallocene linear low density polyethylene for producing films for agriculture which turn previously unproductive land into modern agricultural holdings. 

These raw materials allow earlier, larger, more frequent and better quality crops. For example, silage film can reduce losses due to rain and other natural causes, thereby ensuring that livestock has enough food to last for a long season, often with adverse weather conditions.

Agricultural films are essential in areas with high temperatures because they allow producers to avoid critical cropping conditions, and even out-of-season crops. 

Metallocene linear low density polyethylene film is recommended for its high elasticity, durability and resistance to tearing. Films for thermal blankets allow fruit and vegetables to grow with less water, simply by reducing evaporation.

Multifunction masterbatches with HALS additives, UV absorbers, antioxidant and anti-blocking, are designed to meet the durations and requirements for agricultural films of geographic areas with high ultraviolet radiation and critical growing conditions.


High technology for the field

In addition, Repsol is committed to caring for the environment and continues its research into high technology to make agriculture under plastic increasingly sustainable. And all this with strict management of the quality and safety in its manufacturing process, distribution, transportation and storage of final products.

Tractor working on a crop field

Applications that save resources and increase productivity

  • Film for greenhouse covers, small tunnels and mulching
  • Film for silage, silo bags and stretchable agricultural shrink film
  • Cover hay bales
  • Meshes for shading wind and collection
  • Cordage for packing and tutoring
  • Film for waterproofing reservoirs

There is no doubt that Repsol’s Chemicals Division continued innovation in this sector has allowed us to make the most of the agriculture sector and to consume fresher, healthier products at any time of year.

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