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Repsol Advance - Special emulsion for cold-mix recycling

The Repsol EFI-ADVANCE C60B5 REC REJUV emulsion is specially designed for the cold recycling of aged surfaces.

Properties and applications

It is a slow-breaking emulsion with rejuvenating binders that meets the requirements of the national annex of the UN EN 13808 standard on the recycling of bituminous surfaces courses and pavements in relation to emulsions of the Repsol EFI-ADVANCE C60B5 REC type. This product is specifically designed for each project and provides the components that the original bitumen has lost due to aging, thus restoring its initial characteristics. Repsol has extensive experience in the use of special emulsions for cold-mix recycling with rejuvenators, obtaining excellent results in installation.

Repsol’s technical team designs the emulsion’s specific formula depending on the surface courses to be rehabilitated, establishing the ideal emulsion formulation to guarantee optimal performance in the final resulting mixture.