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Repsol Pave - Hard Modulus

Repsol offers its customers hard bitumens from carefully selected crude oils for varying grades of hard paving.
Based on a careful selection in the crude basket, Repsol makes different grades of hard bitumen available to its customers for paving, as described in standard UNE EN 13924-1, which allows mixtures with a modulus of rigidity two times higher than that corresponding to a mixture made with conventional bitumen.

The high modulus obtained with this bitumen offers us the following advantages when designing pavement structures with a bituminous base:

  • Reach higher structural performance and expected life values much higher than normal.
  • Design thinner pavement packages for the same structural capacity.



  • Base coats on new pavement.
  • Airport pavements.
  • Pavement reinforcement or partial reconstruction.
  • In an intermediate anti-wheel track layer when a thinner layer is used for the surface course.