New bitumen foaming equipment

We invest thinking about the sustainability of the planet

Asphalt News 28/03/2019
  • As a result of our commitment to using sustainable techniques in the manufacture of asphalt mixtures, our Asphalt Laboratory has launched bitumen foaming equipment that allows for the study and design of half-warm bituminous mixtures.
Emilio Moreno, Gerente del Laboratorio de Asfaltos de Rlesa programando el nuevo Equipo de espumación para la fabricación de mezclas semicalientes

These mixtures are manufactured and applied at temperatures between 25 and 50°C lower than normal, which translates into lower fuel consumption to heat the materials and, consequently, a reduction of atmospheric emissions. In addition, a lower initial aging of the mixtures is achieved as they are treated at a lower heat.


Thinking about employee welfare

It is also worth mentioning the advantages of this new foaming equipment from an occupational health viewpoint. When dealing with materials that are manufactured at lower temperatures, there is less risk of coming into contact with high temperature products.

The laboratory equipment replicates the manufacturing conditions of the bitumen foam in the asphalt plants and is used to carry out studies to optimize both bitumen foaming parameters and the design of bituminous mixtures, as it is coupled with a mixer and the bitumen foam mixtures are studied in real conditions.

In the words of Emilio Moreno, Manager of the Technical Support and Business Development area's Asphalts Laboratory: "This new equipment allows us to provide an exclusive integral service to our customers, at the same time connecting with new low-emissions and environmentally friendly technology when using Repsol bituminous products."

In this way, the Asphalts team can provide laboratory services to customers that require this low-temperature technology, which is becoming increasingly popular in Spain.