Lubicants, Asphalts, and Specialized Products — AENOR verifies the environmental excellence of our bitumens and emulsions

Repsol first European manufacturer of bituminous binders to be awarded Environmental Product Declarations

Asphalt News 01/10/2020

We are the first European manufacturer of bitumen and bituminous emulsions to be awarded the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our conventional bitumens, polymer-modified bitumens, bitumens made with rubber dust from end-of-life tires, as well as cationic and anionic emulsions. This milestone has been made possible thanks to the efforts of the Asphalts unit with the help of the Sustainability Division. The award granted by AENOR represents another step in our commitment to the environment and circular economy.

Shot of the Gajano plant facilities in Cantabria, Spain

In keeping with our environmental policy and commitment regarding our products' circular economy and sustainability criteria, all Repsol plants have been awarded the Environmental Product Declarations for the bituminous products most demanded by our clients.

This verifies our conventional bitumens, polymer-modified bitumens, bitumens made with rubber dust from end-of-life tires, as well as cationic and anionic emulsions. Their main characteristics are as follow:

  • Bituminous emulsions are dispersions of bitumen in water that with the addition of additives ensure their stability. This allows the bitumen to be handled at room temperature. 
  • Conventional bitumen are binders derived from the distillation of oil. 
  • Polymer-modified bitumens are products that grant the manufacturing of bituminous mixtures greater performance. These are formulated using a mixture of bitumens with polymers under specific manufacturing conditions designed by Repsol. 
  • Bitumens modified with rubber dust from end-of-life tires offer improved properties compared to conventional bitumens and also make it possible to reuse tires that have reached their useful life.

These documents issued by AENOR provide quantified and verifiable information on our products' environmental performance and were prepared based on the Life Cycle Assessment study of each process using quantified environmental data.

EPD - The Internacional EPD System

The EPDs were developed and carried out according to the following international standards: UNE-EN ISO 14025 (Environmental labels and declarations - Type III environmental declarations - Principles and procedures) and UNE-EN 15804 (Sustainability of construction works - Environmental product declarations - Core rules for the product category of construction products).

The information contained in these documents corresponds to the quantified assessment of each parameter that describes the environmental impacts defined by the UNE-EN 15804 standard, which analyze, among others, the use of resources, outflows, and waste categories.

On the one hand, these Environmental Product Declarations enable us to make progress in line with the policies being addressed at a European level to assess the impact of operations on the environment, and on the other hand they are a response to our contractors' requests to have access to tenders for works projects.