Repsol extends fuel discounts during all the winter season

Press Release 27/12/2022 13:05
  • Following the government's announcement that it will not extend the state's fuel price subsidy, Repsol, aware of the complex economic situation that continues to affect our country, has decided to exceptionally extend the discounts the company offers its customers.
  • Repsol’s commitment to its customers will allow all users of the Waylet payment and loyalty application to continue to benefit from a reduction of 10 euro cents per liter when refueling at any of the company's more than 3,300 service stations in Spain.
  • In line with Repsol's multi-energy strategy, after the winter, the company will link fuel discounts to its multi-energy offer, which includes electricity and gas, as well as solar and electric mobility.
  • Since March 2022, Repsol's customers have benefited from savings of more than 440 million euros provided by the company by reducing its commercial margins with the rise of international prices for gasoline and diesel, which, together with taxes, are the main variable in setting fuel prices.

27 December 2022 - 14:00 CET | PDF | 126.20 KB

Repsol maintains the discounts on all its fuels in Spain (gasoline, diesel, natural gas vehicles, and AutoGas) for private customers who use its Waylet payment and loyalty application.

This decision has been taken in a complex economic environment and following the announcement by the Spanish Government not to extend the current fuel discount scenario. and only to offer a bonus to some groups, in a context of tension in the international gasoline and diesel benchmarks , main variable, together with taxes, in determining the price of fuels.

Aware of these difficulties, Repsol is strengthening its commitment to its customers and, from January 1 until March 31, 2023, will offer an extraordinary discount of 10 euro cents per liter of fuel to Waylet users, when they fill up at the more than 3,300 service stations that the company has in Spain during the winter.

Repsol was the first operator to voluntarily establish, on March 16, 2022, discounts -both for individuals and haulers- in addition to other discounts that its customers have been enjoying for years, and which were also added to the state bonus implemented on April 1, 2022. Since then, Repsol's customers have benefited from savings of more than 400 million euros, fully covered by the company by reducing its commercial margins.

The company has always demonstrated its commitment to its customers through a unique value proposition and competitive advantages to offer them a differential global service, which includes both products and services for the home, such as electricity and gas and solar solutions, as well as mobility, based on a multi-energy approach that covers all their needs. In order to reinforce its multi-energy offer, Repsol will maintain its fuel discounts for these customers at the end of the winter, offering exclusive advantages for being a Waylet user and a customer of one of the electricity, gas and solar solutions businesses.  

Launched in 2017, Waylet is the leading loyalty and payment app for mobility in Spain, and currently has more than 5 million registered users. Waylet allows you to pay at any of the more than 3,300 Repsol service stations, with functionalities such as refueling without the need to pay at the till, managing electric vehicle charging, paying quickly and securely from your contactless cell phone and paying for regulated parking in more than 22 locations. In addition, more than 4,400 businesses have signed up to pay with Waylet, including El Corte Inglés, Burger King, Popeyes, Paradores, First Stop, La Casa de las Carcasas, Federópticos, and Petuluku.