Antonio Brufau and Repsol riders Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa took part in the event held at the Repsol Campus

Repsol presents awards for workers best ideas to promote corporate values

Press Release 28/01/2014 00:00
  • The company rewarded the involvement of its workers in the implementation of Repsol Values through an ideas competition. 
  • The ValorEs Repsol challenge was a huge success with almost 8,000 workers from 24 different countries who presented over 9,000 ideas. 
  • The company has selected 15 ideas suggested by 23 employees that promote the values of Integrity, Responsibility, Transparency, Flexibility and Innovation. These values serve as a reference point for Repsol with regard to its operations and decision-making. 
  • Repsol will donate ten euros for every idea, contributing a total of 91,740 euros to charitable projects in Spain, Angola, Dominican Republic, Peru, India, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria and Colombia. 
  • Antonio Brufau highlighted that “the imagination, ideas and talent of Repsol employees will help the company as a whole and are sure to add value”. 
  • MotoGP riders Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa took part in the event to show their support for Repsol’s values and discussed their experiences in the world of motorsports.

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Repsol today presented awards to the winners of the ValorEs Repsol challenge, an initiative designed to find out how employees experience the company’s values on a daily basis, identify best practices and above all, encourage them, implement them and make other areas aware of them. Repsol Honda riders Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa attended the event which was held at the Repsol Campus in Madrid. Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau thanked the almost 8,000 participants for their valuable contribution, stating: “Your imagination, ideas and talent can help the company as a whole”.

The ValorEs Repsol challenge, the company’s first global challenge, was launched on the 17th of September. It was aimed at all Repsol’s business units and corporate areas and a total of 7,785 people from 24 different countries took part, contributing a total of 9,174 ideas, both individual and team-based. The proposals, which were collected until the 25th of October were analysed in November and December and classified into two groups: Ideas for the Future and Business Ideas.

Out of all the ideas received, with the shared theme of encouraging Repsol values, fifteen where chosen, three for each of the five values: Integrity, Responsibility, Transparency, Flexibility and Innovation. There were 23 winners, from Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Norway and Peru. Repsol considers each proposal to be a worthy contribution, which is why ten euros for every idea was donated to solidarity initiatives resulting in 91,740 euros in total which will be donated to 15 projects led by Fundación Repsol in Spain (assistance to most vulnerable groups, among others); Angola (establishment of a house for accompanying youths at risk); Dominican Republic (destined to the comprehensive care centre Amanecer Infantil in Barahona); Peru (donated to Salvador Soler Foundation to alleviate the extreme poverty of families); India (provide rice for a year to the Nalanda Vidya Peeth orphanage in Calcutta); Equatorial Guinea (creation of infrastructure in the Padre Monti school in Bata); Algeria (destined to the Eyes of the World Foundation, for good eye health); and Colombia (protection and help for communities affected by armed conflict).

The awards ceremony was presided over by Antonio Brufau who stated that “the initiative reflects Repsol’s vitality, demonstrated by the people”. He added, “It is an impressive example to follow and I feel proud of all of you and of what you are doing”.

After the chairman’s speech, the Repsol Honda team riders showed their support for the initiative and talked about their experiences following Repsol's values. “I would highlight the human value of my team, transparency which gives you confidence in critical situations, flexibility and an open mind”, claimed Márquez. According to Pedrosa, “it is very important that each member gives it their all”.