At an event attended by John Ruggie, the man behind the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Repsol presents new 2013-2014 Sustainability Plan

Press Release 12/09/2013 00:00
  • Repsol's Sustainability Plans, the aim of which is to maximise the company's contribution to sustainable development, are based on studies that include more than 100 interviews with representatives of the company's stakeholders.
  • After analysing the expectations of Repsol's stakeholders that came to light through this study, more than 360 short-term actions have been planned, 80% of which are linked to the company's variable remuneration system.
  • These Plans constitute a change in concept and an innovative step forward with regard to corporate responsibility, due to the methodology used to produce them.
  • The presentation, which was held in Campus Repsol, included a keynote speech from reputed expert John Ruggie, professor of Human Rights and International Affairs at Harvard University and former UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights.
  • Repsol has plans for Spain and Portugal, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States, Peru and Venezuela, and plans to extend these to all the countries in which it operates. Shortly, the plans for Brazil, Colombia and the industrial complexes in Spain will be available.
  • For Antonio Brufau, “the challenge of building a sustainable development model is hugely important for a global energy company like Repsol”, which is committed to “doing whatever it takes to ensure it is governed by responsible business practices in all the countries where it operates”.
  • John Ruggie underlined that “this pioneering initiative aims to ensure that Repsol contributes to the well-being and progress of the communities it has relations with” and that “the impetus from senior executives is a critical starting point”.

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