Repsol is recognised as a Socially Responsible Company in Peru

Press Release 06/05/2011 00:00
  • It is the world’s first service station certified by Breeam, the leading international method for certifying building sustainability.
  • Located in Madrid’s calle de Alberto Aguilera, it is a unique design project that has been approved by the City Council’s Historical Heritage Commission.
  • It is one of the world’s first service stations with one hundred percent LED lighting technology that lasts five times longer and reduces energy consumption by 80 percent.
  • A number of recycled materials were used in the construction of the building, including: 7,000 newspapers for the interior walls; sheep’s wool insulation; plastic and wood shavings for furniture among others.
  • The facilities also have the AENOR Universal Accessibility Certification. Repsol has received numerous awards for its work in this field, most recently was the Once Foundation’s Discapnet Award for its commitment to disabled people and its work to integrate this group into society. 

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