Prior to the option’s expiry in February 2012

Grupo Petersen exercises its option to purchase 10% of YPF

Press Release 04/05/2011 00:00
  • Following the transaction, Repsol will hold 58.23% of YPF, while Grupo Petersen will have a 25.46% stake.
  • The transaction will be carried out in accordance with the agreements signed in 2008, by which Grupo Petersen bought 14.9% of YPF and, in particular, on an option contract entered into on that date.
  • Grupo Petersen will pay $1.304 billion for 10% of YPF, based on the formula established in 2008 for the option’s exercise.
  • The transaction is a significant step toward achieving the strategic objective laid out by Repsol in the Horizon 2014 plan to rebalance its global assets’ portfolio.
  • Repsol aims to continue incorporating international and Argentinean minority investors in YPF.

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