The cargo will be delivered to the Costa Azul energy terminal in Ensenada (Baja California), Mexico

Repsol Delivers its First Cargo from the Peru LNG Plant

Press Release 24/06/2010 00:00
  • Repsol has the exclusive rights to market the entire output from this plant, making it the largest acquisition of LNG in its history.
  • The Barcelona Knutsen Carrier, which has a capacity of 173,400m3, is the first of six vessels that will come into service for Repsol and which are assigned to the Peru LNG project.
  • On June 10th, the Repsol Chairman officially inaugurated what is the first gas liquefaction plant in South America, in Pampas Melchorita.
  • The Plant has a nominal capacity of 4.4 million tons of LNG.
  • The natural gas supply that feeds the plant comes from Peru’s Camisea gas field, in which Repsol also owns a 10% stake. 
  • Peru LNG is part of an integrated project with competitive access to the eastern Pacific coast, and consolidates Repsol's position as one of the world’s leading LNG marketers.

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