Canaport LNG can supply up to 20% of New York and New England’s gas demand

Antonio Brufau opens Canadas first liquefied natural gas terminal

Press Release 25/09/2009 17:51
  • Repsol (NYSE: REP) enters the US and Canadian natural gas markets with significant supply capabilities for local distribution companies, power generators and other retailers. 
  • The LNG facility has a firm sendout capacity of 1 Bcf/day, enough to heat 5 million homes. 
  • Canaport is the first to be completed of Repsol’s ten strategic projects included in the 2008-2012 Strategic Plan.  
  • It is the first land-based LNG receiving and re-gas terminal built on the east coast of North America in 30 years and the first LNG receiving and re-gas terminal in Canada. 
  • Repsol partnered with Irving Oil Limited, owner of Canada’s largest oil refinery in the construction and operation of the Canaport LNG receiving and re-gas terminal. 
  • “The Canaport project demonstrates our ability to develop and construct complex energy projects,” said Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau.      

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