The new wells will quadruple existing oil production in Spain

Repsol makes two new discoveries in Spains Mediterranean waters

Press Release 01/07/2009 18:30
  • The new wells, called Montanazo D-5 and Lubina-1, are 45 kilometres from the coast of Tarragona
  • Repsol, with a 75% stake, is the operator of the Montanazo well, and the sole owner of Lubina-1
  • Both wells are next to the Casablanca production platform, to which they will be connected to process and transport the crude oil
  • The production from the Montanazo and Lubina wells will add to that of the Casablanca, Boquerón, Rodaballo and Chipirón fields 
  • Initial production tests indicate flows of light crude of 3,800 bpd at 736 meters in Montanazo, and 3,700 bpd at 663 meters in Lubina-1
  • The fields are expected to produce between five and seven years, extending production from the area 
  • The discoveries will quadruple Spain’s existing 2,000 bpd of oil production 

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