Repsol YPF, the highest valued energy company in Europe due to its transparency on the internet

Press Release 09/01/2007 00:00
  • Greater level of requirements: more than 500 analyzed firms in this edition versus the 150 firms in last year’s edition.
  • For the 3rd consecutive year, Repsol YPF maintains its leadership position amongst the Ibex-35 listed companies.

Repsol YPF is ranked 1st Oil Company in Europe due to the transparency in its corporate web page, based on the webranking elaborated by the consulting firm of Hallvarsson&Halvarsson.  Repsol YPF has attained the number eight slot, of the global classification of European corporations with highest market capitalization. 

For the third consecutive year, Repsol YPF leads the ranking of corporate web sites of the Ibex-35 given its content of the best information on the web site.  The company has obtained a higher punctuation than the previous year at 77.75  of 100 total points.

The analysis, which has set the stage over the past six years, takes into consideration 125 attributes which vary from year to year.  The attributes are extracted from polls of more than 400 analysts, reporters and investors in Europe.  The requirements have increased due to the growth in participating companies from the previous year of 150 to the current year of 513.  Each corporate web site is analyzed twice a year,by different consultants, between the months of June and August in order to evaluate the webranking.

The results obtained by the raking, reinforce the positive results attained in the following awards bestowed upon us in 2006:

“Best Investor Relations Internet Site in Europe 2006”, in its third edition, realized by French financial communications firm Company News.  The award analysed 261 companies traded in the principal European markets. 

“AECA’s V Prize” (Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas – Spanish Association of Company Accounting and Administration) given to a company in Spain with the best financial information on the Internet, based on Transparent and trustworthy posting of Corporate Information.

“Best Corporation in the Energy and Utility sector” predicated on the internet sector research, realized and published by Cap Gemini.

“Third best corporate web site of energy companies” based on Best IR Websites in the Energy Sector.  The published research elaborated by the Canadian company values the quality of the corporate internet contents of the 525 companies with highest market capitalization in Europe, Asia and North America.  The analyzed criteria are: financial information, Corporate Governance, shareholder resources and services, news and events and the ease of navigating the web site.  Additionally, other global aspects are valued such as: solid presentation and actualization of the information, transparency of the presentation context, varied technical considerations and the design.

Repsol YPF’s web portal is considered a corporate management and business tool at the service of multiple groups with varied interests.  The number of web visits and page visits of eight million and one hundred million, respectably, make the web page one of the most visited of the Ibex-35 companies. 

On Repsol YPF’s web site, you can view all the financial, management and corporate responsibility reports; real time stock quotes, free personal advisory, press releases, etc.  Additionally, you can follow, in real time, Repsol YPF’s central company events such as, the General Shareholders Board Meeting or the Quarterly results presentation. 

Repsol YPF leads the pack given its extensive financial information, up to date status of the posted information, extensive language options (Spanish, English & Portuguese) and information follow-up for analysts. 

Oil companies
Ranking Company URL Points
8 Repsol YPF 77.75
14 ENI 75
78 Royal Dutch Shell 57.75
118 TOTAL 50.75
Spanish companies
8Repsol YPFwww.repsol.com77.75
General classification :Top 20
2Danske Bankwww.danskebank.com84.5
3Telecom Italiawww.telecomitalia.com84.25
9Repsol YPFwww.repsol.com77.75
13Deutsche Postinvestors.dpwn.com75.5
17Old Mutualwww.oldmutual.com71.25
18Nordea Bankwww.nordea.com70.5
19ABN Amrowww.abnamro.com70.25
20Munich Rewww.munichre.com69.75