Repsol YPF and Acciona sign biggest world agreement of its kind to produce biodiesel

Press Release 16/03/2006 07:00
  • Estimated investment could be over 300 million euros.
  • Up to six producing plants to be built, employing directly over 200 people, and indirectly over 5,000.
  • Total  biodiesel production to be over one million tonnes per year.
  • The group of  plants would  be operational  between the first semester in 2007 and the second semester in 2009.
  • The  biodiesel produced will prevent emissions  to the atmosphere of some 3 million tonnes of  CO2  in the year 2010.
  • By means of this agreement, Repsol YPF  and Acciona  will promote the production of vegetable oils in the Spanish agriculture, dedicating between  200,000  and 300,000 hectares of irrigated land for this purpose.
  • Both companies, collaborating in the area of biodiesel since  2000,  will continue researching for improved performance of crops  destined to produce  biofuels.
  • ACCIONA  will participate in the biodiesel plant that Repsol YPF intends to build at  León.  This project will be of an integrated nature, having the participation of local farming associations.