La comisión Europa aprueba a Repsol YPF la compra del negocio de GLP de Shell en Portugal

Press Release 03/03/2005 07:00
  • Repsol YPF, the Vall d´Hebrón Hospital and the Dexeus Institute are the Foundations founding sponsors
  • Riders, businesses and healthcare institutions will provide the means to deliver over 100,000 medicaments and other sanitary material.
  • This aid, delivered directly by the Foundation, will cover the needs of hospitals in the area for a whole year

The European Commission approved Repsol YPF´s purchase of LPG assets in Portugal held by Shell Gas (LPG) SA and that companys subsidiaries: Spelta, in Madeira, (fully-owned) and Saaga, in Azores, (25% stake). Included in the purchase are two bottling plants - Matosinhos (storage capacity of 3,900 tons) and Banática (2,700 tons) and all the commercial assets required for the normal development of this business activity. With this operation, Repsol YPF, which began its LPG activities in Portugal in 1992, acquires a significant position in that country, becoming the third ranked operator with a 21% market share, and around 194,000 Tm in sales volume. 

This purchase responds to the strategy of reinforcing Repsol YPF´s global presence in the global LPG market and to grow in natural markets, such as in Portugal. Repsol YPF is the third largest LPG retailer in the world, with 3.3 million tons. It is the leader in this market in Spain and Latin America, and has a presence in 10 countries.