Fraud alert

Cyber fraud has become an increasingly common criminal activity over recent years. The appearance of false websites, the use of artificial intelligence to impersonate the identity of people who are part of Repsol, or fraudulent emails that, using Repsol's logo and sources, offer goods or services from unknown suppliers, request monetary payments, or advertise fake job offers, etc., are just an example of these types of activities that aim to trick our suppliers and customers for a financial benefit or to steal sensitive information.

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Financial fraud

Repsol does not have any platform for making investments or digitally paying users. Messages have been detected which, through the use of artificial intelligence, impersonate the identity of our executive team, offering investment platforms that are fraudulent. Initiatives that involve filling out an online form or transferring personal data may be fraudulent practices, especially if we find them on unofficial pages and social media.

We strongly recommend that before filling in any platform or digital form, you ensure that they are official digital channels and do not open any messages or click on any links related to any type of communication involving this type of action, and if you are unsure, please contact our support channels.

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Criminal practices using the Repsol brand


Repsol never requires payment to be involved in a Company recruitment process, nor does it communicate changes to bank accounts via email. Also, it is not common practice to request personal information from our suppliers or customers by email or telephone.

If you receive such a request that seems suspicious, you should get in contact with your usual Repsol representative or through this form to check whether the information is trustworthy.


Repsol, in line with its values of transparency and responsibility, works daily to identify and warn people of these situations.

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