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  • We're looking for talent

    Our operations in the energy sector span the entire value chain, from exploration and production all the way to marketing and distribution. That's why we need every kind of professional profile to work on our multidisciplinary teams.
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Students and graduates

Discover the training we offer and the programs designed to increase your experience by putting your knowledge into practice.
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Experienced professionals

You have a diverse and interesting professional career at your fingertips. Discover all the benefits we offer.
  • Our way of doing things

    We have a certain way of doing things that's part of our Repsol culture. Our results-focused team puts all of its passion and energy towards achieving its objectives, no matter where they are.
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We have clear aims and put the appropriate measures in place to achieve them. We don't settle: we adapt and find ways to improve.
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Our teams carry out all initiatives responsibly: safety and the environment are at the core of all our decisions.
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Nobody knows everything. We work together to get the best results by learning and making the most of our teams' diversity.
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People with ideas who aren't afraid to present them. Capable of suggesting improvements and taking the initiative, acting responsibly and with good judgment.

Our selection process

Learn more about how it works: documents, stages, processes.

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See our job offers on Workday

At Repsol, we offer work opportunities to suit every profile. Access Repsol’s employment platform to see the latest vacancies.
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Phone interview

Once we’ve sifted through all the applications, the best will be selected to advance to the following stage of the process. Candidates will receive a phone call to establish contact, during which you may be asked to take an English test depending on the job applied for.
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Online tests

Candidates that continue in the selection process will then receive an email with instructions for accessing the online tests. These vary according to each job offer, but you could be asked to take psychometric tests, or to demonstrate linguistic abilities or other specific skills.
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Face-to-face interviews

After the tests, face-to-face interviews will be held to get to know the candidates better. These interviews may include tests in groups, interviews with HR, or technical interviews.

If the candidate lives too far from the interview center, the interviews can be held remotely.

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Detailed offer

During this stage, only one successful candidate remains. You will be sent a specific job offer including information on the salary and other details about the role.


Once you formally accept the offer, it’s time to sign the contract and register as an employee to begin the process of incorporating you into the company.

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