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Customized professional challenges: Enrique and Javier's experience

When you have a certain amount of experience, things can start to get monotonous and boring. At Repsol, we offer challenges that grow with you, new goals and projects that are adapted to your skills and experience. You can evolve and direct your career towards different fields thanks to workplace mobility at the company. To show you how, we interviewed Javier and Enrique, two employees at the Repsol Technology Center who are at different points of their careers, so they could tell us about the challenges in their daily work.

Why Repsol?

We'd love to have you here at Repsol. Find out about the benefits of working with us.
  • Professional development. Straight road and sky rising above it.

    Professional development

    You have the opportunity to continue learning and growing. Take advantage of the opportunities we offer, such as internal mobility and promotions.
  • Professional challenges. Suit and tie

    Professional challenges

    e can offer you a wide variety of projects thanks our diverse fields of work. Take on this challenge and be proud of the results.
  • Compensation and benefits. Handshake in greeting.

    Compensation and benefits

    We offer an attractive compensation package and a performance-based incentives system.
  • New ways of working. Man working on a laptop

    New ways of working

    We promote new collaborative work methods that add value beyond your physical presence at your workstation.
Life at Repsol. A woman working in a laboratory.

Build the future

At Repsol, you will have the opportunity to be part of the future of energy, working today to meet tomorrow's needs.

This vision dictates all our actions. In the Repsol culture, we work efficiently, responsibly, and sustainably to create value.