Talent and leadership

 We want to improve the way we manage talent, and to accomplish this we must have inspiring leadership. Our leaders are responsible for guiding the team to reach its full potential.

9% Total turnover rate
At Repsol, we updated our employee value proposition and, as a result, have managed to reduce our turnover rate to 9%.
100% Director assessment
Before making a big change, first you need to prepare the people that will be leading it. Therefore, our directors were the first to be assessed and evaluated in 2017.
11% Senior management turnover rate
Our senior management members are heavily involved in Repsol's project, and as such their turnover rate is only 11%.

Firsthand accounts: Kristian Rix

Kristian is our Director of International Communication. Who better than his daughters Aisha and Layla to assess and go over his profile?