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Benefits of working at Repsol


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Mobility inside and outside of the Company

At Repsol we are dedicated to identifying and retaining talent. One of the tools we use to this end consists of offering different mobility options according to the capabilities, merits, and commitment of each person to the projects.

Talent management

The process each person embarks on when joining Repsol is continuous and supported by training so he or she can gradually assume different responsibilities with varying levels of complexity. In this regard, each person's involvement, both in the definition of their objectives and interest in growing, is essential to making mobility a reality. 

The interests and motivations of each person is what marks their response to the different changes that our Company's needs and the environment demand. By identifying the capabilities, performance, knowledge, and management that characterizes each employee, we define their career plan with a new position and new functions and responsibilities.

Mobility and professional development

Training and mobility are two tools that go hand in hand in an employee's professional development and which allow our Company to seek new business opportunities and strengthen current opportunities. 

Through training, each person will be able to acquire more competences and increase his or her potential to occupy a different position. In this context, we must highlight that the professional career model that we promote is related to our commitment to offer new development opportunities.

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