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The advantages of working with a leader

At Repsol, once we attract talent, we want to retain it. That's why we offer our employees continuous training programs and the opportunity to work on innovative and challenging projects.
  • Professional advancement

    Professional advancement

    At Repsol, our employees take control of their career, setting their own goals and objectives. Their professional growth depends mainly on them.
  • Training and learning

    Training and learning

    Our employees' talent gives them and the Company a competitive edge. We help them all to develop their talents through personalized training that allows them to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Mobility


    At Repsol, our employees define their own career paths. They embark on new projects and take on challenges they would never have dreamed of. This is key to their growth and a cornerstone of the Company's culture.

Compensation and benefits

At Repsol, we reward our employees in monetary and non-monetary ways, always aimed at individual recognition. Accident and life insurance, pension plans, academic support, meal allowances, and social benefits are examples of the incentives used to promote their well-being and a good work environment.

Health and wellness benefits

Stability and wellness

We want to create a motivated and committed team, so we offer benefits that will satisfy and help our employees in the different stages of their lives.

Non-monetary compensation

Our recognition system is aimed at rewarding and recognizing our employees' actions in a different and visible ways.

Performance and meritocracy

Our evaluation systems are aimed at promoting attraction, retention, motivation, and commitment.
This system is a source of solid information to identify what aspects of our employees' development plan we should focus on.

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The professionals we seek

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  • Different perspectives

A guide dog at Repsol

A guide dog at Repsol

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Scientists at the RTC

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Dolores Campillos

María Dolores Campillos: “We must recognize women for their true worth”

María Dolores Campillos is the Lubricants and Specialized Products and Logistics Manager at the Puertollano refinery.