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A woman wearing a safety helmet and goggles posing in front of an industrial complex.
  • Benefits of working at Repsol

    When choosing a job, you take into account lots of different aspects such as the location or the possibilities at stake. At Repsol, you'll find a great deal of benefits that define us and set us apart from other employers.
Training and development. A woman reading a book.

Training and development

Reach your full potential with the experience gained in your job. Each project poses a challenge to help you learn and grow as a professional.
Diversity and equal opportunities. A paint palette with lots of colors

Diversity and equal opportunities

Equal opportunities create diversity, and diversity is enriching. Here, you will be able to make decisions and grow as part of an international and diverse team.
Compensation and benefits. A girl looking at herself in the mirror

Compensation and benefits

We offer an attractive benefits package that is in line with our employees' needs. Plus, our compensation programs are based on differentiation as a way to provide a reward for meeting your targets.
Commitment. Close up of a vintage clock


At Repsol, we have a long-term vision and look to the future. We are committed to building the future of energy together with our team.
Work-life balance. Girl holding her mother's hand

Work-life balance

At Repsol, we have a culture of respect and are constantly working to improve it. Whenever possible, we try to adapt our employees' work schedules to their own individual needs.
Innovation in management. Boy steering boat

Innovation in management

We work in an agile and cooperative manner, always aiming for efficiency and value creation. Our team takes on responsibilities to achieve positive results.
  • Opportunities tailored to you

    Everybody's interests change over time. New personal circumstances, more responsibility, and a greater ability to deal with it all. Find out what we can offer you, whatever you're looking for.
Headshot of a Repsol student

Students and new graduates

Training and experience. At Repsol, you'll work on real projects with the necessary support and supervision to keep learning and putting your knowledge into practice.
Close-up of a Repsol professional

Experienced professionals

Opportunities for growth, promotion, and professional development. Diverse careers paths and projects within a culture of respect and an attractive total compensation package.
Aurora Gómez Cuevas, Directora de Employee Value Proposition

Our value proposition

"We are a dynamic and global company that aspires to make a contribution to overcoming society's energy challenges. To achieve this, we need the best professionals, which is why defining our value proposition for employees helps ensure that everyone working at Repsol can give their best, transforming all of us into our brand’s most avid fans."

Aurora Gómez Cuevas, Director of Employee Value Proposition