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Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities: #WomenWithEnergy

At Repsol, we are committed to gender equality and our main objective is to use all the talent available on the market and put an end to inequality between men and women. We do this thanks to initiatives that allow us to tell stories like those of #WomenWithEnergy, professionals that break molds and stereotypes.

Continuing to make progress towards gender equality

73% of employees believe that opportunities for professional development are equal for everyone,
regardless of gender.

50% new hires

In 2018, 50% of our new hires were women, yet more proof of Repsol's commitment to balance and equality.

30% leaders

At Repsol, we want women to hold 30% of the leadership positions at our Company in 2019, and 31% in 2020.

29% women

Worldwide, women represent 29% of all Repsol employees, and 34% of all employees in Spain.

Our commitment to equality

Our commitment to gender equality can be seen in our participation in a variety of institutional initiatives.

Equality in the Company
Diversity Charter
Free from gender-based violence
More women, better companies
Anonymous résumés
Igualdad en la Empresa seal logo

Equality in the Company

We have received the Igualdad en la Empresa (Equality in the Company) seal. This certification granted by Spain’s Ministry for Health, Social Services, and Equality is for companies that follow best practices and experiences to ensure equal opportunities between men and women.
Charter de Diversidad logo

Diversity Charter

Our company has signed the Chárter de la Diversidad (Diversity Charter), making a public commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion, respect for diversity, and work-life balance.
Empresas libres de violencia de género logo

Free from gender-based violence

We are part of the Spanish Institute of Women and Gender Equality's Empresas por una sociedad Libre de Violencia de Género (Companies for a society free from gender-based violence) initiative, which raises awareness of gender violence and promotes the integration of female victims into society and the workplace.
Más mujeres, mejores empresas logo

More women, better companies

The aim of the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality's Más mujeres, mejores empresas (More women, better companies) initiative is for women and men to play an equally improtant role in decision making in the business and finance world, and to provide companies, organizations, and women themselves with the tools to acheive this.
Currículum Anónimo logo

Anonymous résumés

A project to implement the use of anonymous résumés, which ensures that selection processes focus exclusively on a candidate's skills and does away with personal references, such as a person's name, sex, age, photo, or other personal circumstances.
ClosinGap logo


We are part of the ClosinGap cluster, which aims to analyze the opportunity cost of the various gender-based gaps on the economy and society.
  • Inspiring Women

Claudia Esarte

Moving towards equality in science

Mari Paz, Claudia, and Raquel, three of the more than 90 female scientists that work every day at the Repsol Technology Lab, share their experience.
Mariam Ahmad Shahada

What I tell young women is to be proactive

Mariam Ahmad Shahada, Manager of the Department of Information Technology Projects and Services, is one of the six women that work at Repsol's office in Libya.
Marta Álvarez

An example of inspiration and leadership

Marta Álvarez is the plant manager at our refinery in Tarragona.
María Dolores Campillos examines the label of a Repsol lubricant container.

"We must recognize women for their true worth"

María Dolores Campillos is the supply and logistics manager are the Puertollano Industrial Facility.
A female scientist beholding the contents of a test tube at a laboratory.

Equality, the future of science

Three of our colleagues from the Repsol Technology Lab discuss the role of female researchers and promote STEM careers (Science, Technolgy, Engineering, and Mathematics) among girls.