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  • Our hydropower generation assets in Spain

    We have 12 hydropower plants in northern Spain with enough annual output capacity to supply every single household in the city of Madrid.

    Along with our other renewable energy generation projects, this will help us become a net zero emissions company by 2050.

Find out how a hydropower plant works

These facilities enable us to harness the energy of flowing water from a river or reservoir to turn it into electricity.
Close-up of a dam by a hydropower plant

How does it work?

Flowing water from a river or a dam falls on the blades of a turbine, making a generator spin to produce electricity. The power generated is fed into the distribution network which is then delivered to homes, businesses, etc.
Shot of a dam with the sun shining in the background and a wind turbine to the side

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, this is a zero emissions electricity generation process. Also, all the water that's used in the process is returned to the river or dam in its original state with its quality intact.
A woman in the kitchen with the lights on

How much energy is produced like this in Spain?

In 2019, 9% of the total energy produced in Spain was generated in hydropower plants. This production is part of Spain's renewable energy mix, which has been on the rise for years now.

Catch a glimpse of our hydropower plants in Cantabria, Asturias, and Castile-Leon.

    • Aerial view of a dam
    • Shot of a dam
  • Shot of a river surrounded by greenery
    • Shot a river surrounded by mountains
    • Vista parcial de las instalaciones de una refinería Repsol