Repsol’s partners: Alliances that add value

With our strategic partners, we build relationships based on trust and this propels us forwards faster, broadens our horizons, and adds further value to our operations. Our collaboration with leaders from different sectors provides us with a source of inspiration and invigorates our Company’s activity.

IBM logo


Repsol and IBM have a long history of collaboration, working together on internationally-recognized exploration and production projects such as Kaleidoscope , aimed at improving subsoil imaging techniques; Excalibur, focused on optimizing production at the company’s reservoirs; and Pegasus, which represents a qualitative leap forward by enabling the oil and gas industry to make the most of cutting-edge cognitive technology.

INDRA logo


Close cooperation between Repsol and INDRA has led to the development of HEADS (Hydrocarbon Early Automatic Detection System). This is the world’s most pioneering technology for the early detection of offshore oil leaks, and safety at facilities throughout the energy industry will be improved as a result. 

HEADS is capable of assessing any underwater incident with a response time of under two minutes, during the day or at night and regardless of the weather conditions. The extraordinary thing about this technology is how fast and reliable it is, and by avoiding or minimizing the impact of our company’s operations on the environment we can demonstrate our commitment to preserving it.

Honda logo


Repsol and Honda signed their alliance as MotoGP's Repsol Honda team in February 1995, and after more than two decades, their collaboration is still seen as a prime example of teamwork and the ongoing quest for excellence.

For Repsol, this alliance has stimulated the development of the most technologically advanced products for the most demanding testing grounds: professional motorsports. The technology that is tested here is later incorporated into our fuels and lubricants which are later available at our service stations, strengthening innovation and quality in the products we offer our customers.

Beyond the commercial aspect of this agreement, this relationship is the result of a shared passion for racing and cutting-edge technology. We are both leading companies in different sectors, with the ability to combine forces to achieve a successful partnership.

ILBOC logo

ILBOC: Joint venture between Repsol and SK

The successful alliance forged between Repsol and SK has enabled us to transform ILBOC into the largest next-generation lube base oils facility in Europe.

ILBOC produces high quality lubricant base oils which are the raw materials for next-generation lubricant oils. This provides yet another example of our firm commitment to the environment, as these oils are ideal for powering Euro VI engines which have been compulsory in Europe since 2014 because of their contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Dynasol logo

Dynasol, an alliance between Repsol and the KUO Group

Repsol and the KUO Group have been partners since 1999. In 2015 we agreed to extend our joint venture to make Dynasol one of the biggest companies in the synthetic rubber industry worldwide.

Dynasol produces more than 500,000 tons of high added-value materials per year and is expanding its product range, making full use of its own cutting-edge technologies as these can be licensed in any part of the world. 

Operating on three continents, the joint venture is set to become a key player in high-growth markets such as Latin America, North America, and China.

Service station

Corte Inglés, Nespresso, and Disney at Repsol service stations

Repsol seeks to always offer the best to its customers, which is why we have a policy of associating ourselves with market leaders at our service stations. We have come to agreements with Nespresso and Disney to periodically launch exclusive promotions with highly popular products. We also have an agreement with Corte Inglés for the development and incorporation of new Supercor and Stop & Go stores.

Open innovation model and networking

In terms of research and development, Repsol is committed to open innovation and networking, as these enable us to forge scientific alliances that will help us overcome the sector’s greatest challenge: to develop a more efficient and more competitive energy model with lower emissions. Our open innovation model has enabled the company to exponentially increase its research and development capacities. In 2015 we signed a total of 113 agreements with universities, technology centers, and prestigious technology companies. 

Examples of this model are visible in our Inspire program, a scheme that finances university students’ ideas and projects to find creative and innovative solutions to the big energy challenges we face. Our Entrepreneurs Fund is another initiative aimed at entrepreneurs and scientists working on innovative projects or ideas related to energy and energy efficiency, with the intention of bringing these into the market.