Repsol in Norway

Norway is home to the largest hydrocarbon reserves in Western Europe. The Scandinavian nation is the world’s third-largest exporter of oil and the energy sector makes up 25% of its total GDP. Norway also has other energy resources such as hydropower and natural gas. All of this makes it a country that offers plenty of room to grow and develop our offshore portfolio. To the north it is bordered by the Barents Sea, to the northeast by Russia and Finland, to the east by Sweden, to the south by the Skagerrak strait, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

We arrived in Norway in 2003, to develop our oil and gas activity offshore in the country through our subsidiary Repsol Norge AS, establishing our headquarters in Stavanger. With the acquisition of Talisman Energy in 2015, we managed to expand our presence in the Norwegian territory.


Main project

Yme rig in Norway

Yme started producing in October 2021 

Repsol and its partners achieved first oil from the YME field in the Egersund Basin, approximately 130 km from the Norwegian coastline. 

Repsol Norge AS
Address: Verven 4
4014 Stavanger
Tel: +47 52 00 20 00

Last updated: November 2023