Repsol in Algeria

Repsol has been present in Algeria since 1973. Since 1991, Repsol has maintained a permanent office in Algiers to support its activity in the country and strengthen its links with authorities and institutions, including its relationship with Sonatrach, ALNAFT and ARH. Repsol has about 100 employees depending on the Algeria Business Unit.

Repsol is currently involved in the exploitation of four projects in production Menzel Ledjmet Nord (MLN), El-Merk, Ourhoud and Reggane. 

Algeria is a strategic area for Repsol due to its natural resource potential and geographical proximity to Spain (one of the main recipients of Algerian gas).

Repsol's average production in Algeria in 2023 is more than 60,000 Boe/day (2 % of the Group's global net production), of which nearly 60% is gas. Repsol has proven reserves in Algeria of 50 million barrels (2% of Repsol's net proven reserves, calculated in barrels equivalent). The capital employed in Algeria at the end of December 2023 is 312 million dollars and the total investments of the last five years amount to 290 million dollars. Repsol is the sixth largest international company, in order of production, and the seventh largest in order of reserves.


Main figures, lines of action, and facilities map

Hydrocarbons activities in Algeria

The Algerian government promulgated in December 2019, the new hydrocarbon law n°19-13 with better fiscal terms to attract more investment in the upstream business. 

The hydrocarbons activities are governed by this new law n°19-13 and its executive decrees (about 42 decrees). Notably however, all the existing contracts are under the old hydrocarbon law n°86-14. So far only 5 new contracts have been signed under this new law. The new Law seems to have attractive fiscal regime and contractual flexibility (especially for the new contracts) which covers:

  • Upstream activities
  • Downstream activities
  • HSE

The upstream activities include the activities of prospecting, exploration, appraisal, and exploitation of hydrocarbons; as well as processing facilities, compression, gathering system, storage and expedition facilities and site abandonment activities.

Upstream concession by which ALNAFT allows the national company the right to carry out exploration and exploitation activities on a perimeter, delivered by ALNAFT for an initial duration of 30 years.

Deed of Assignment: by which ALNAFT grants to the contracting parties (National Company & any pre-qualified person) the right to carry out research and exploitation activities within a defined perimeter.

Hydrocarbon contract: contract for upstream activities concluded between the national company and a pre-qualified Company, for a period of 30 years.

• Two (02) periods: Exploration Period (Max. 7 years) and an Exploitation Period (30 year less duration used for exploration).

Our commitment to sustainable development

Facilities in algeria

Repsol is committed to sustainable development and applies this principle in all its operations. Specifically, in Algeria:

  • We avoid drilling with oil-based muds. We are the reference for environmental compliance in drilling activities in Algeria.
  • Committed to zero flaring, we are developing projects and seeking opportunities to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Maximizing local content (labor) in our assets.
  • Seeking opportunities for collaboration with the Algerian office of the United Nations Development Program, within the framework of the MoU signed with Repsol.
  • Applying the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights to all our operations.

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Last updated: December 2023