Committed to decarbonization

Moving towards a decarbonized world

We believe in a model that integrates various technological options and combines electrification with the use of low-carbon products to offer solutions that meet all of society's energy needs.

Net zero emissions by 2050 commitment

We were the first company in the sector to set this ambitious goal in favor of the planet, and we're now making new and more stringent commitments as part of our roadmap towards decarbonization with our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

We will reduce emissions in our production process in addition to contributing to lowering our customers' carbon footprint with low-carbon and carbon-neutral solutions and products thanks to our steadfast commitment to technology and digitalization, and a 6.5 billion euros investment.

Transforming the industry to design the refinery of the future

We're transforming our complexes into multi-energy hubs capable of manufacturing products with a low, neutral, or even a negative carbon footprint as well as promoting new business models based on digitalization and technology.

To this end, we are relying on four major pillars: energy efficiency, circular economy, renewable hydrogen, and CO2 capture and use.

Scientist in a laboratory

Renewable hydrogen: An important vector in decarbonization

With applications ranging from its usage as raw material for producing synthetic fuels to renewable energy storage, hydrogen plays a key role on the path to decarbonization.

We are the largest consumer and producer of hydrogen in Spain with a privileged position as an integrated energy company, which enables us to allot it for self-consumption or other uses such as transportation.

By 2030, we aspire to become an important player in all of its applications with a renewable generation capacity of  1,9 GW.