Technical capabilities

We research new opportunities everyday to find solutions to the challenges facing the world of energy. Here are some of our technical capabilities in figures:



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Our areas of expertise

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We analyze the properties of samples from the petrochemical sector as well as other industrial sectors, offering chemical, elemental, and isotopic analysis services. We can also determine molecular structures, their geometry, and their electronic structure.

Our expertise in the field of polymers also makes it easier for us to offer functionalization services.

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We are able to perform molecular biology, isolation, and microbiological characterization studies as well as studies on the design and production of biocatalysts, which is highly useful for determining microbial contamination, performing ecotoxic analysis, and carrying out biodegradation tests on polymers.

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We have a wide range of chromatographs to apply the most varied techniques on liquids and gases such as two-dimensional, multi-dimensional or coupled chromatography to mass spectrometers. The variety of detectors and working conditions that we can achieve enables us to offer unique services in the chromatographic analysis of products.

We conduct PVT studies to analyze the performance of crude oil in reservoirs and determine the flow assurance as well as the rheological behavior of crude oil under various processing conditions.

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In the Industrial area, we have more than 35 pilot plants capable of simulating most refinery and petrochemical processes, particularly the crude distillation plants and coke plant, due to their high degree of automation and efficiency.

We also offer the possibility of the complete characterization of crude and currents from pilot plant studies.

Within the petrochemical area, we can synthesize new polymers in batch processes of up to 5 Kg.

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The formulation area focuses on all types of rheological characterizations applied to the world of polymers, petroleum derivatives, and any other product whose structure may prove difficult for rheological characterization.

At our facilities, we have the capabilities for tribological and oxidation testing and physio-chemical characterization of fuels, lubricants, and polymers. We are accredited by ENAC to carry out seven lubricant tests.

We also offer manufacturing services for lubricating oils and fuels per client specifications in addition to polymer blending through extrusion, injection, and 3D injection systems. We boast the low-carbon footprint fuel sustainability certification (ISCC).

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Engine laboratory

Our engine laboratory has six engine test cells, featuring different capacities and working conditions, where we can carry out custom-made tests and which are also available for rent.

We have a climatic chamber to test vehicles on a roller platform under the cycles required by the customer.

Additionally, we offer RON and MON engine tests and an internal method to study injector fouling.

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Rocks and Catalysis

Our laboratory specializes in rock mechanics characterization by using internal methods and specialized instrumentation to establish constitutive models and predict behaviors.

We can also offer advanced microscopy studies through SEM, BSE, FIBSEM, and EDS to study fluid inclusions, petrography, and the estimation of mechanical properties.

Our digital analysis department complements our capabilities, while offering computed tomography studies, material inspection, and heterogeneity evaluations.

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